It’s been two years since you bought your home and the interest rates have gone down. You are paying a higher rate than what is currently available and you’re wondering if it would be worth it to refinance?

If so, then getting the best deal on your mortgage might require contacting a broker, rather than going through direct lenders because of their different processes.

We know that the decision to refinance your mortgage is a big one.

It is an important decision that should be made carefully, so we have compiled a few reasons as to why you should refinance your mortgage with a broker.

1. A broker can help you get a better interest rate and monthly payment

2. Brokers work with many lenders, so they can find the best loan for your needs

3. Brokers have access to programs that are not available to the general public

4. Brokers know the entire mortgage process from start to finish – direct lenders only do one part of it

5. Direct lending is cheaper because there’s no middleman involved in the transaction – but brokers often offer deals and discounts that will save you money down the line

6. Working with a broker means knowing everything about your mortgage before signing anything – which means less risk than working directly with a lender who might change their rates without notice 

7. When you work with a broker, they’ll be on your side every step of the way (vs most direct lenders who don’t care if things go wrong)  

8. There are more options when working with a broker vs just going through an online application process by yourself

Therefore, if you are a homeowner looking to refinance your mortgage, Handshake Home Loans Inc. is the right Mortgage Broker that will get it done for you in a smooth and efficient manner, with low rates and great service.

We’re not like other brokers who might overcharge or take too long to process your loan application – we’re different!

Our team of experts can help walk you through each step in the refinancing process so that nothing gets lost along the way.

Don’t wait on this opportunity any longer – call us today!

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