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Jumbo Loans are the most misunderstood products on today’s market.  With higher loan amounts, many borrowers are intimidated by the added complexity to the process, and more unique loan terms that are available on these programs.  We make Jumbo Loans simple.  If you are looking to purchase or refinance a home and will need a loan that is higher than your county loan limit, we can help.  With access to multiple lenders with a variety of Jumbo Loan programs, we will be able to find an option that fits your needs, at a great price!

More options = more savings

Being a broker instead of a retail lender, we have more options than most for Jumbo Loan programs.

Jumbo Loans are a little more unique than their little brother, Conventional Loans.  Since Jumbo Loans are not backed on the secondary market in the same manner as other loan types, they are more flexible based on what the investor is willing to provide.  While many lenders will tell you that you need 20% down, perfect credit, and only have 2 options to choose from for loan terms once you qualify, we can pull back the curtain and show you everything that is available in the real world.

– Low down payment options with less than 20% down

– More flexible credit and income qualifications

– Loan programs available that are specific to self employed borrowers

– Loan amounts up to 2 million

Let the pros handle your jumbo

Simply put, let a professional at Handshake Home Loans handle your Jumbo Loan purchase or refinance.  Much of our industry is filled with young guns who have only been doing this for a year or two.  Each loan officer at Handshake Home Loans is a career professional in the mortgage industry with years of experience, and the knowledge to back it up.

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