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The FHA Loan program is a true loan program meant for the people.  Let’s be real, most Americans have a tough time coming up with 20% down payment for a home that will suffice for themselves and their family.  Home prices are higher than ever, but renting a home often doesn’t make financial sense, so what options does a potential homeowner have?  With only 3.5% down, and program options that will even provide assistance with renovations to make your home your own, FHA Loans are by far the most helpful program for potential and current American homeowners.  With flexible credit qualifications, and low down payment options, FHA Loans make it possible for many Americans to take part in the American Dream of owning their own home.


What can I get with a FHA loan?

Purchase the home that is right for you, within the means you have to work with.  Refinance for better terms and more savings.

If you are looking to purchase a home, there is a good chance an FHA Loan is right for you.  Low money down, flexible credit and income terms, and assistance programs that could potentially help with the purchase or renovation of your new home.  FHA Refinance options are incredible as well.  Streamline your loan with no appraisal and reduced documentation to get a lower rate and payment, or take cash out up to 80% of the value of the home.

– 80% cash out options available for refinancing

– 3.5% down options available for purchase

– Simple streamline options available to save money without all the hoops and hurdles

– Great rates and pricing for a variety of qualification ranges

Ask about our FHA streamline option

Going to shoot you real straight right here.  When you purchase a home, the lender is almost always going to give you a higher rate than where the market is at.  You just want to close on your home and move in, and retail lenders know this, so they raise the price knowing that you aren’t going to focus on that as much as you are on buying the home.  So, this is where we come in.  We will streamline your mortgage using the FHA Streamline Program to a much lower rate to save you a ton of money.  It is very simple, with extremely minimal documentation and legwork, and we will often times be able to cover all of your closing costs.  It is a no-brainer, just call us, we won’t waste your time

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