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Did You Know?

Did you know VA and FHA have NO FICO programs? If you currently have a VA or FHA loan, then you may qualify for a VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (VA IRRRL) or an FHA Streamline. These two options are the best loans for people who have low FICO scores. These mortgages can provide […]
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What is Debt-To-Income? How does it work?

What is a Debt-To-Income Ratio? A debt to income ratio is a calculation that compares one’s monthly debts to their monthly gross income. It can be used as an indicator of one’s ability to manage their personal finances and repay debts. A high debt-to-income ratio suggests that the person could have difficulty paying all of […]
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Questions to ask when Refinancing your home.

What are my Loan Options? When you hear the term “loan options,” what comes to mind? Loan options can refer to a number of things, it’s important that you know what kind of loan is best for your financial situation before making a decision about which route you might take. Loan options are typically asked […]
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It’s been two years since you bought your home and the interest rates have gone down. You are paying a higher rate than what is currently available and you’re wondering if it would be worth it to refinance? If so, then getting the best deal on your mortgage might require contacting a broker, rather than […]
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The Appraisal Industry is EXTREMELY Overwhelmed. Here’s what we know!

The entire appraisal industry is extremely overwhelmed right now. They are experiencing the lowest population of appraisers this profession has ever seen, coupled with unprecedented turn times. Why is that? You may be asking. Well, every year since 2011 the number of active Real Estate Appraisers has declined. The Appraisal Institute (AI), estimates that Appraisers […]
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What is a VA Loan?

Today’s organizations need a quality bench of leaders to drive business outcomes and satisfy employees, customers and investors who now demand more transparency and accountability.
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